Types Of Planters For Your Patio

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Types Of Planters For Your Patio – Ceramic pots or ceramic planters as they are often called come in many colors, designs, and shapes. To decorate your backyard living space and for an added pop of color as in an azure blue, or terra cotta color, add a few to your patio or backyard garden area. These decorative planters add height to your favorite flowers and are convenient and easy to move and rearrange when the need or desire arises.

Cedar planter boxes are versatile and sturdy and come in square and rectangle shapes. These are stand alone flower containers that come in different heights for a layered look and to fill in large spaces with colorful flowers and greenery.

Cedar deck or railing boxes are great for bringing color to your deck area. Usually set up along the railing on the outside of your deck rail, this gives an extended look to your deck. and dresses up the area for your family gatherings and entertaining, while you enjoy them all spring and summer long. In this category also are window boxes that bring color from outdoors into your home and being made of the natural cedar wood are heavier and resistant to breakage.


Wicker or weaved baskets now come in natural wood or plastic that looks very close to natural woods. If they are plastic you can easily wash them with soap and water, and they come in an array of different colors. Your natural wood weaved flower baskets can also be washed with mild soap and water, however they are more fragile and can become discolored or stained from the dirt and water used when caring for your plants.


Your outdoor garden may contain metal planters, copper planters and stone planters that are sturdy, long lasting and have different finishes to compliment your patio or backyard living area. Whether they are large outdoor planters or small flower pots on your patio table use them to add a burst of color and textures to any outdoor living area. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your containers to compliment or match your patio furniture set or your new patio umbrella color.


No matter what type of flower planters or containers you choose take care to keep them clean and add new soil each planting season to guarantee a bountiful crop of color. In doing so, you will receive many compliments for your lush garden and your keen eye for the colors and arrangements of your spring and summer flowers.




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