Setting Up a Backyard Theater

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Do you enjoy entertaining your family and your friends with the latest and greatest within the world of film? Well, a backyard theater might be exactly the right fit for you. It isn’t as simple to set up as it sounds, though. Backyard home theaters require a good level of planning, a clear head, and some equipment you may not have at home right now.

The closest resemblance to a backyard movie theater that most people have seen is usually a drive-in movie site. Now, imagine that on a smaller scale. Of course, you still have to get pretty much the same equipment to create your backyard theater. Remember the old days when a home theater inside your house involved a projector and a screen? Well, an outdoor theater is the same thing!
Get a Projector
Most outdoor projectors are capable of projecting a video at a 1080p resolution. If you are on a budget or if you only plan on entertaining a few guests, this level of resolution might not be necessary. Even still, a full HD picture is almost always recommended. If you really can’t afford one, you should get equipment that projects at a minimum of 720p HD.
For the most part, the projector that you choose will cost upwards of $1000. This is completely normal, and when you consider the average lifetime of the projector and value for money, it is a pretty good deal! The higher end projectors available provide stellar quality in areas with a lot of light pollution, which is a feature you will need when you’re projecting outdoors.
Use a Projector Stand
A projector stand is a small table that can be rolled around. Projectors and their wires are often a mess to deal with. If you live in an area that is prone to sudden rain and snow, you may want a quick escape plan if things should go south in the middle of a movie. Having a rolling stand for your projector and wiring allows you to quickly roll everything into the shelter of your garage or porch if the heavens should decide to literally rain on your parade.
Get a Projector Screen
A folding screen is the best option for an outdoor theater. This type of screen can fold up when it isn’t in use, but you won’t have to carry it into the house every time you are done with movie night. If you can install this type of screen under an overhang or a ceiling, you can fold it up when it is windy and not risk the entire thing breaking under the combined weight of the elements and falling down.

Choose the Right Location
After getting all the equipment ready, find a good spot to place the screen and projector. Find an area with some open space facing a wall. Ensure there is not too much outdoor light (like a street light) to mess with the picture quality. Have ample seating space and room for your projector and wires too.
With the right planning and wisdom, while choosing the equipment for your home theater in the outdoors, you will enjoy the best value for money on your purchase that you possibly can. In addition to this, it means fun and joy for the whole family for ages to come!


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