Long Stem Roses (Hybrid Tea Roses)

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Long stem roses are widely considered to be the most popular roses for all occasions. What many people think of as classic long stem roses are in fact Hybrid Tea Roses. A mixture between the Hybrid Perpetual and Tea Rose from China, these long stem beauties have long pointy buds with up to 30-50 petals per bloom.

Since the first discovered Hybrid Tea Rose in 1867, there has been an explosion leading to thousands of long stem rose varieties coming in virtually every color except for blue or black. These long stem roses tend to flower continuously and can grow 2-6 feet tall. High susceptibility to disease and less fragrant smell, when compared to other types of roses, is often attributed to the great deal of inbreeding that has taken place to achieve the attractiveness of long stem roses.


Hybrid Tea Roses (Blue Moon)

Keep your long stem roses growing tall. When planting your long stem roses, be sure to select an area where they will get 6 hours of sunlight and good air circulation.

Do hard pruning in the late winter or early spring just as new growth begins. Remove old damaged canes from the center to let in fresh air and sunlight, leaving the thick healthy ones forming a circle on the outside. Cut the remaining stems to 12-24 inches and fertilize in a few weeks time.


Oklahoma hybrid tea rose

In February, when your roses are dormant, will be the proper time to prune. Your first step will be to remove any dead branches or damaged canes. Look for lively, green canes or sprouts and take care not to damage them, as these are the canes that will produce new buds in the spring.

Next, prune the remaining healthy canes back to where new growth is likely to occur, just above where a leaf is attached to the cane is fine. How far back to prune will depend on the amount of growth acquired the previous year. In general pruning no more than 50% of last years growth is fine. Finally, prune for shape and to promote good air circulation, then remove any debris or weeds from your garden. Now you’re ready for spring.


To protect during harsh winters, tie the canes together and mound with soil. Surround the mound with insulating materials such as leaves or straw and shelter with a cylinder, perforated with breathing holes. Adopt a regular spray program to protect the roses and their leaves from disease. And, don’t forget to give your long stem roses lots of water!

hybrid-tea roseslong-stem-roses

Although most gardens only require a good soaking every two weeks, other gardens will require a weekly soaking. Regardless of the schedule, if the ground looks dry and cracked, you’ll need to water your flowers.

Placing a good clean mulch around your roses is a very good idea. The mulch will help prevent weeds, protect the roots against temperature extremes and also conserve moisture.


First Prize hybrid tea rose

A Hybrid Tea Rose will most likely reach its full height after approximately three years. Even after pruning, the flower will grow back to this height annually.

It’s important that your roses receive plenty of sun. Roses require a minimum of 4 to 5 hours of direct sun per day. Warm morning sun will dry up excess moisture and dew, which will help prevent diseases from developing.


The types of hybrid tea roses

– Red
Chrysler Imperial
Mr. Lincoln
– Red blend
Mon Cheri
– Red white blend
Double Delight
– Pink
Royal Highness
Sweet Surrender
Sheer Bliss
Dainty Bess
– Pink blend
First Prize
Chicago Peace
Touch of Class
– Yellow
King’s Ransom
Peace rose


Pascali hybrid tea rose

Yellow blend
Peace, right
American Heritage
– Orange
– Apricot blend
– White
White Knight
– White blend
Garden Party
– Mauve blend
Blue Moon (blue color)


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