Flamboyant Azaleas For Spring Containers

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Flamboyant Azaleas For Spring Containers – Azaleas and other rhododendrons are extremely easy to grow in containers. In their native habitats they are woodland plants, so they perform best in acid soil and in dappled shade; they do not like very hot, dry, summer weather. Ideally, you should grow them by themselves, or that you avoid disturbing their roots too frequently.

Most azaleas flower for just a few weeks in late spring, but they are most useful for filling an awkward gap in the gardening calendar, after the bulb season has finished but before the summer flowers begin.


Their flowers, which often smother the plant, cover an enormous range of colors. Remove them once they have died so that the plant will put its energy into new growth, instead of producing seed. Feed once they have finished flowering, but only until mid summer, otherwise too much late, soft growth will develop.


Different azalea flower types

All rhododendrons are shallow-rooted, so they dry out easily. It is important to make sure that the potting mixture is always just moist, even during the winter. Rain reaches the roots of deciduous azaleas during the winter, as they have no leaves to shelter the soil, but evergreen rhododendrons will still need to be watered regularly.


Plant azaleas in a well-drained, acid potting mixture, with added leafmould. Place container with azaleas in a semi-shady site.

Keep the soil just moist throughout the year. After flowering, feed weekly until mid summer.

Note: Grow one azalea and four ferns in each 42 cm– (17 in-) diameter, terracotta pot.






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