Colors Of November Garden

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Colors Of November Garden – November is often thought of as the start of the gardening year, the month when traditionally trees and shrubs are planted. But for me, the glory of November lies in the colors. Leaves are turning on the trees and even the dead stems of perennials provide a striking backdrop against a riot of gold, bronze, reds and browns.

Plants for color in the fall

Evergreen shrubs are a must have in the fall garden. As leaves fall, their striking colors provide a focal point for the November garden in this eve-changing season. Some of the best evergreens include Arbutus unedo or Strawberry tree. This compact, slow-growing shrub has flowers and red fruit at the same time in late fall. Erica carnea or winter flowering heather comes in various shades of pink and white and provide a steady burst of color resistant to most temperatures and wind. Viburnum davidii is a small evergreen shrub which has bunches of upstanding berries in a lovely shade of turquoise lasting late into winter.

Strawberry tree (Arbutus unedo)

Skimmia is one of the favorite evergreen shrubs in November garden. Hardy and compact it is invaluable for winter interest. There are several different varieties with flowers ranging from deep red to pale green. Be mindful though that some varieties are unisex, so it takes two bushes to create berries. There also a number of winter flowering Clematis now available if you want to provide some winter interest and brighten up a dormant tree or bare wall. Some of the best include clematis ‘Winter Beauty’ which is evergreen and winter flowering, with bell-shaped creamy-white flowers from December to February. Clematis ‘Lansdowne Gem’ has rich claret colored flowers for several months during winter and attractive seed heads once flowering is over.

If you have outdoor planters standing empty during the winter months, try some evergreen shrubs such as potted topiary using box. Or you could fill them with winter bedding plants such as ornamental cabbages and winter flowering pansies.

Viburnum davidii


Clematis ‘Winter Beauty’


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