Benefits Of Having Spring Perennials

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Benefits Of Having Spring Perennials – For many, a spring garden just would not be the same without the contribution of perennials, often long-lived plants that provide interest year on year. They encompass many early-flowering plants (usually low-growing) that are delightful with spring bulbs and are good in herbaceous borders. If you have a spring perennial that you like, you can easily take cuttings in the summer; providing extra, free plants. Generally, a young, 10cm (4in) long, non-flowering shoot gives the best results.

After a long winter, you are about to start getting your yard ready for the warm months ahead. A big part of this process is working your flower beds and getting everything planted and ready to go.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to start over with planting every year? Perennials are flowering plants that bloom for several years, and will save you a great deal of work every spring season.



The first and obvious benefit of having perennials is that they save you time and effort. You are able to plant them once and enjoy them for several seasons. This will also save you money since you do not have to buy new plants each spring.

Perennial plants will give you a great variety in blooming times. If you have annual plants that you work with, they always bloom in the summertime, and that can limit the look in your yard. Perennials, on the other hand, can start blooming in the spring, summer, or early fall. You can plan your varieties to have flowers all season long.



Most types of perennial plants live for a long time. Eventually they will begin to decline; however, they can be easily divided. This is a process where you dig up the roots, separate them into two or more separate plants, and replant each one. This will add to your numbers and keep them healthier.

Perennials will also grow and spread as time goes on. This allows you to cover a large area with fewer plants. You will notice that they become fuller as the years pass by.



Anemone. This large genus includes some excellent perennials. Their late season and tolerance make them essential plants for any garden. The flowers are carried on tall, elegant, wiry stems. They are ravishing in drifts under deciduous trees, or they can be used in borders. A. riemorosa is commonly known as the wood anemone, these plants bear dainty, demure, solitary white flowers, sometimes with a pink flush.

Other popular spring perennials are: wallflowers, primula, lupines, ranunculus, lily of the valley, pacific bleeding-heart, bear’s foot, etc.

lily of the

Lilly of the valley


Pacific bleeding-heart


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